SBA24® oil products are sold in over 20 countries.

SBA24® nourishes and revitalizes the mucosa

The mucous membranes make an important part of our immunity. They act as mediators between the body and the environment, and therefore play an essential part in the wellbeing of the entire body. Pathogens, toxins and allergens enter they body via the mucosa, and stress, ageing, diseases and the side effects of drugs affect the mucous membranes in particular. 

The mucous membranes of the digestive tract, airways, urinary system and genitals need reinforcement. SBA24® sea buckthorn oil nourishes and helps revitalize the mucous membranes. It contains nutrients essential to the normal function of the mucosa.

Helps with dry mucous membranes

Studies have shown that sea buckthorn oil protects the mucous membranes of the stomach and the intestines. It can help treat damages in the stomach and intestines caused by chemicals and stress. (Source: Xing J. et al. 2002)

Sea buckthorn oil can help with the feeling of dryness and irritated mucosa of the urinary system and genitals. It can be used both internally and externally for the mucosal dryness. (Source: Yang B., Erkkola R. 2006 & Yang B. 2006)

Besides the valuable fatty acids; Omega-3, -6, -7 and -9, SBA24® oil also includes vitamin E and vitamin A (from beta-carotene). Vitamin A contributes to the maintenance of normal skin, mucous membranes and vision.