SBA24® oil products are sold in over 20 countries.

SBA24® Intimate care cream

The product offers natural moisturisation and wellbeing for intimate area mucosa – without hormones or medicinal ingredients.

SBA24® Intimate care cream is a new treatment concept designed for hydration and wellbeing of the sensitive female intimate area. The active ingredient Sea Buckthorn Oil SBA24® is combined with hydrating effects of sodium hyaluronate and supported by pH of the cream, natural for healthy female intimate area. 

Since ancient times, sea buckthorn berries have been used as a valuable source of nutrients. Its application in traditional medicine dates back more than one thousand years. In the traditional medicine, sea buckthorn oil has been used for the treatment of symptoms and inflammation of female genital organs.

  • pH 4,3
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Free from fragrances, parabens and hormones
  • Tested under gynaecological control
  • Apply a small amount to the external genital mucosa 1-4 times/day
  • Combine with SBA24® Capsule for synergistic efficacy