SBA24® oil products are sold in over 20 countries.

Safe vegetable SBA24®

SBA24® Sea buckthorn oil is a 100% vegetable product. The capsules also have a vegetable capsule shell manufactured without gelatin, which means that the product is completely free of any animal-based ingredients.

The sea buckthorn oil content of the SBA24® sea buckthorn oil capsules is 72.5 per cent. In addition to the carbon dioxide-extracted and standardized  sea buckthorn oil (SBA24), the product includes a standardized amount of vitamins A and E and the capsule shell material.  

The thickening agent used in the vegetable shell of the capsule consists of corn starch and carrageenan, the humectant of glycerol and the acidity regulator of disodium phosphate.

No gelatin, yeast, sugar, gluten, artificial colors, genetically manipulated ingredients or any products from the animal kingdom are used in the manufacturing process of the SBA24® sea buckthorn oil capsules. The capsules are suitable for vegans, people with fish allergies and people suffering from celiac disease.

SBA24® capsules have been on the market for 20 years. During this period, there is no clear reports of any side effects.