SBA24® oil products are sold in over 20 countries.


Frequently asked questions on SBA24® Sea buckthorn oil capsule

• Is the product suitable for vegetarians?
Yes, because the product doesn’t contain any animal-based ingredients. For the same reason, the product is also highly suitable to people with fish allergies.

• Does the product contain any genetically manipulated ingredients?
No, the product doesn’t contain any genetically manipulated ingredients.

• Is the product gluten-free?

• Can the product be used at the same time with medication?
Basically yes but if you’re uncertain about something, contact your doctor or a professional of healthcare first. In case of any unusual symptoms, stop using the product. Generally speaking, people with inclination towards hemophilia and people using warfarin medication should pay special attention to their diet and start the use of all fatty acid products with a low dosage.

• Can the product be used at the same time with other fatty acid supplements, such as fish oil?
Yes, it can. There are no limitations to simultaneous use.

• Are there any known side effects to the product?
The product has been sold safely in Finland since 1997 with no reported side effects. The product is currently on the markets in 20 countries, and none of the countries have reported any clear side effects. A few customers have complained about soft stool but this symptom has disappeared over time.

• Can the product be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
Yes, it can. The product is safe both for fetuses and newborns.

• Can children use the product?
Yes, the product is also safe for children.

• Sometimes the capsules seem to be uneven in color or contain lighter deposits – are these capsules contaminated?
No, they’re not. SBA24® sea buckthorn oil naturally contains good plant sterols and waxes. Sometimes these can appear as different colored patches in the capsules.

• Is the product safe for cancer-patients?
There is no known contraindications for intake of sea buckthorn oil for cancer patients. However, in the case of all serious illnesses and medications it is always advisable to discuss the use of nutrition supplements with a health care professional.

Frequently asked questions on SBA24® oil - olive oil liquid

• Can the product be used externally on the skin?
Yes, it can be applied onto the skin to alleviate the symptoms of extremely dry skin.

• What are the benefits of using liquid sea buckthorn olive oil instead of capsules?
The liquid form is easier for people having trouble swallowing. The liquid product also immediately alleviates the symptoms of dry mouth.