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Customer experiences

SBA24® capsules

Age. Symptoms: time of use / dosage

54 years old, extremely dry skin, eyes and mouth mucosa: 12 weeks/2 capsules/day
“- I plan on using this product every day. I think my skin is softer and my eyes+mucous membranes are better. Drinking plenty of water and different kinds of lotions haven’t helped me with my dry skin.”

38 years old, dry skin after chemotherapy: years / 2 capsules / day
“- It helped improve my dry mucosa. I haven’t stopped using it because I noticed my skin was better. I have no wrinkles. I believe it’s because of SBA24®.”

79 years old, dry eyes:  1 year/ 2 capsules/day
“- I believe capsules are helping. The unpleasant feeling and itching begin straightaway if I stop using it even for a week. I recommend it for regular use.” 

56 years old, dry eyes and skin: 12 weeks / 2 capsules / day
“- It’s helping. It’s also improved my immunity against the flu.”

67 years old, psoriasis and dry eyes and mucosa: 12 weeks / 4 capsules/day
“- Definite improvement in my psoriasis. It’s been a great help with my eyes and mucous membranes. I’ve recommended it to others.”

37 years old, mucosa and skin problems after cancer treatment: 3 years /2 capsules/day
“- I’m extremely satisfied. I’m scared to stop using it, because you can see it in the skin right away, and it’s not pretty.”

55 years old, dry mucosa in the genitals: 8 weeks / 2 or 4 capsules/day
“- This product is great. After using it for 2 months, my mucous membranes are no longer dry. I also think my skin has more elasticity in it. I will continue using the product because I can’t use the hormone products of pharmacies. Thanks to SBA24®, my sex life is considerably better. Thank you.”

64 years old, insomnia, dry skin, arrhythmia and hot flashes: 7 weeks / 2 capsules / day
“- I wanted to try it. I sleep better during the night, my arrhythmia and hot flashes are gone, and my skin on my face is better.”